Frank Langella finds THE BOX

Skeletor will set in motion the events of Richard Kelly's horror flick!

The Box, joining the two leads Cameron Diaz and Seann William Scott according to Variety. Langella who will forever be a geek legend to me for his truly amazing performance as Skeletor in Masters of the Universe, will play a mysterious stranger who sets in motion the film when he gives a strange box to the married couple of Diaz & Scott. For those not keeping track, this box when pressed spurts out cash. Great right? Never have to work again. The only problem is every time that button is pushed, someone also dies! Bummer! The movie produced by Kelly's Darko Entertainment and financed by Media Rights Capital has a $30 million budget, and ya just know when inevitably Southand Tales flops next months... those studio execs will be starting to get a little worried at MRC. I wish Kelly well with The Box, I really do. The movie sounds great and a straight forward genre pic is what Kelly needs right now. How many times do you think we will have to see Southland Tales next month until we understand it?

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