Frank Miller making a Raymond Chandler film noir movie!!!

trouble.jpgIn January we told you that Clive Owen would star as the legendary hard boiled detective Phillip Marlowe in a new series of film noir movies produced by Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment after the two studio's teamed together to acquire the rights to the Raymond Chandler novels with Owen in mind to lead. At that time he didn't have a director attached or knowledge of exactly what movie would be the first out of the blocks for the franchise. Fast forward to today and we now know both tidbits of information thanks to Variety... The L.A. set Trouble Is My Business (which is one of the few Chandler novels not yet adapted to screen) will be the first novel adapted for this series with FRANK MILLER hired to direct. Frank Miller! Frank Miller! This is the guy who created the Sin City graphic novels because of his love for the genre that he has now been given the reigns to make his own movie in. This is the guy who loved seeing Humphrey Bogart playing the character of Marlowe in The Big Sleep. Frank Miller is one of the most creative guys in the writing and visual arts medium and as you know I've been desperate to see what he can do when given the reigns to direct a movie solo. And his projects that he has lined up just sound so Frank Miller. The Spirit and a Marlowe movie. This could be something really special.
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