Frank Miller reveals why he directed THE SPIRIT, new footage from the movie shown

Frank Miller tells us in a newly released featurette that his upcoming Christmas film release is not a tribute to Will Eisner, his mentor in the comic book industry for 25 years and creator of the DC Comics Character upon his directorial debut is based on, but is instead a tribute to THE SPIRIT. Which to me sounds like his excuse for why the movie is in actual fact, a glorification of MILLER'S own interpretation of the character because no-one has ever depicted this often slightly goofy hero in this way. Never in this spirit. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FEATURETTE Not even in the adult adaptations of the character has anything been as radical as this. I once heard the movie described as a "Wild E. Coyote" cartoon with live action actors playing against green screen. Unfortunately, I'm starting to see what they mean. source - /film

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