Frank Miller's SIN CITY version of a Gucci Ad

If you told me five years ago that the once supreme storyteller Frank Miller would still be working with green screen to produce black-and-white neo-noir productions, I would have sighed. Just as I'm sighing at his latest venture - a Gucci Guilty Ad - which he directed Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans and is online HERE. It's actually a pretty interesting ad and it's not particularly the commercial I have a problem with, just the limitless of Miller's direction and the status of his once promising career. For someone who once spoke of his admiration for the 40's American noirs of Humphrey Bogart and the Raymond Chandler-esque rip-offs - for a guy who I'm guessing is more of a fan of classic cinema than modern day stuff, just what the hell is he doing? Miller is on auto-pilot right now, so obsessed is he that he can make a moving visual in the same style as his Sin City comics that he will shamelessly adapt anything in the format. I'm still trying to get over how such a self-confessed fan of Will Eisner could do what he did to The Spirit.
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