Freddy Krueger's 10 Most Memorable Kills

Nobody kills quite like the dream invader...

Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors
New Line Cinema

There is a reason Ryan Murphy chose the '80s as his main setting for American Horror Story’s ninth season. That decade was, after all, the most epic time for the slasher genre. Michael Myers was in full swing terrorizing his sister and her friends in the Halloween franchise; Jason and his mom were setting the standard for murdering sex and drug-fuelled camp counselors; and despite having a lower body count, nobody was putting the slasher genre in the history books like Freddy Kruger.

Freddy’s original run from 1984 to 1994 spawned a generation of kids afraid of the baddest boogie man around, not to mention a catalogue of epic quotes from the son of 1000 maniacs. But what puts Freddy above the rest is his sheer creativity in his kills. Anyone can put on a mask and start slicing and dicing teenagers half their size, but Freddy put on the horror show we all deserved.

But which are the most memorable? While some might not be his bloodiest attacks, the pop culture royalty some of these kills have become had to be considered for the rankings.

10. “I Beat My High Score” - Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

What would a slasher flick be without your stereotypical stoner? Spencer Lewis, on top of being our resident stoner, spends his time playing video games and trying not to be like his father. Spencer was a frequent runaway, set his father’s car on fire, and in general was a rebellious teenager, causing his father to turn him over to an orphanage. It was here where Spencer meets more Elm Street teenagers and they bond over their common dream torturer.

Poor Spencer, while alluding his caretaker, falls victim to getting high in 1428 Elm Street (Freddy’s home) and waking up to a trippy Freddy-made video game. In true Freddy fashion, he uses his victim’s fears against him and makes Spencer face his dad in the game. In real life, Spencer is zipping around the house in Mario Bros fashion.

Just as Spencer thinks he has the upper hand in the game, Boss Freddy comes in and towel whips Spencer into a crowd of dads, causing real life Spencer to fall down the stairs and into a hole, where he dies.


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