Friday The 13th: Ranking Every Movie From Worst To Best

12. Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

For a series with so many lows, this film goes the whole hog by deciding that fans really didn't want to see Jason in a Jason film. They wanted to see a worm-like thing jump into people's mouths and possess them with the spirit of Jason. Yep. They really wanted to make sure this was the last one in the franchise. This is Jason's greatest battle yet. Surviving this mess.

After Jason is lured to a remote Crystal Lake cabin, he is blown apart by FBI agents. His corpse is then dispatched post haste to the local morgue. There, the coroner (Rocky V's George Washington Duke no less) notes how big Jason's heart is before it begins to beat again and he's compelled to eat it (yes, you read that right). From there, the 'spirit' of Jason moves from host to host (in the shape of a black worm €“ yep, you read that right too) as it travels back to Crystal Lake. It transpires that Final Girl Jessica is a relative of Jason and only someone from the Vorhees bloodline can kill him...with a mystical dagger (yes, you read that...oh, you get the idea). Finally, Jason is stabbed with the dagger and dragged down to hell with a final cameo as Freddy's glove appears from the dust and drags the mask to hell too.

For most fans, this is the lowest ebb for the franchise. It is truly awful. The idea to use a 'host horror' was liberally stolen from 1987's The Hidden but here it just doesn't work. There are a few interesting characters including bounty-hunter Creighton Duke but it's all for nothing. The film flopped and, although Kane Hodder is the fan's favourite Jason, he was also becoming the unlucky charm for box office receipts as the franchise crashed and burned. The final appearance by Freddy's glove was interesting but, obviously, makes no sense as we next meet Jason in space. Oh well.


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