Fright Night gets remake. Or does it? When is a remake not a remake?

Screen Gems are going ahead with a new Fright Night production but it's claimed they intend to change the plot. Something to do with an Amusement Park...


Well they are at it again. Shock Till You Drop have learned that the 80's classic horror movie Fright Night is up for a remake, this time it's Screen Gems who should be named and shamed as the studio who don't have the balls to take a risk on a new and original project. Oh wait, we know that already don't we because they are the studio behind the remakes to When a Stranger Calls and Prom Night. The word is, this will be a 'name only' remake and will have a different plot to the original Tom Holland movie. So then it's not a remake right, they are just using the name like Tarantino is using the Inglorious Bastards name? I'm confused. When is a remake not a remake? The original Fright Night which was actually the second highest grossing horror flick of 1985 (behind Nightmare on Elm Street 2) and it centered around a teenager who finds out his neighbour is a vampire but of course no-one believes him. So desperate for someone to believe him, he turns to a veteran vampire movie star and t.v. host Peter Vincent (an obvious blending of Peter Cushing and Vincet Price, played by Roddy McDowall) for help. Scott Strauss who is executive producing the movie wants to set the movie in a Amusement Park. Weird and not quite Fright Night but I've always been a fan of Amusement horrors, so it could work. Still, they will never be able to make a movie as fun as this one. Fright Night was a great homage to horror's past and now ironically it's getting it's own re-treatment...

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