From Now On - All Movie Posters Will Be THE SOCIAL NETWORK

Has anyone noticed a certain poster-designing trend developing across various film genres? It seems the marketing people behind some notable films lately are so taken with the simplicity and effectiveness of the memorable Neil Kellerhouse designedmovie poster for The Social Network that now every movie is daubing it's tagline over the famous mush of it's main character. Take a look: Of course some more successful than others. Admittedly those above and even The Social Network was not the first to do it, but it seems after the critical and commercial success of David Fincher's 'should've been Best Picture Oscar winner' ... everyone is having a go. Not really surprising though as it's an elegantly simple design, which came 3rd in OWF's poll of last year's best. And It has inspired me too. As a result I have decided jump on the bandwagon with a few favourites of mine. Here's what I came up with. Hope you like them.




The Good The Bad and The Ugly (this time with a bit of Saul Bass thrown in)

Anymore posters like this from the past, present or the future you have noticed?

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