Funny Or Die Kickstarter Promises A Return To 90s Brilliance

Family Matters Taken 3 It's not just WhatCulture who have embraced the spirit of the 1990s on this first day of April, as merchants of lol Funny or Die have unveiled a grand scheme to bring five classic 90s TVs shows back to screens in the best possible way - with a big screen treatment. If it works for Veronica Mars, surely the likes of Darkwing Duck and Dinosaurs are worth a few dollars and cents here and there (or $87 million in the case of Wings). Family Matters and Sliders fill out the five chosen classics, and you can pledge your allegiance to the causes by heading to Funny Or Die, or Kickstarter and pledging real cash money. The Family Matters big screen redo offers an intriguing (and probably far more preferable) possibility for the next inevitable Taken movie...


The exceptionally funny Dinosaurs cause features one star who has fallen hard since his time on the show. The very idea of his hardcore pornography is inexpressibly delightful. According to Funny Or Die's announcement, each of the TV shows was chosen after a meticulous decision process - which I think you'll agree, definitely shows in the eventual choices:
The projects you see featured today are specifically chosen based on extensive user research and data analysis. Our supercomputer lab has crunched through years of video watching data and identified that these are the projects most likely to succeed. Plus our accountant told us that if we get someone else to cover the costs, we'll probably make a shit-ton of money. So join us today and make a pledge to back your favorite shows. Together we can bring back the golden era!
Oh how I wish it wasn't April 1st.

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