Gareth Edwards To Direct GODZILLA!

The first major film news of 2011 broke online just a few minutes ago... The Hollywood Reporter say Brit Gareth Edwards, who only recently came onto the scene with his sci-fi Indie film Monsters (budgeted at just $500,000), is close to striking a deal with Warner Bros & Legendary Pictures to direct their $150 million Godzilla reboot that's due next summer. The deal is expected to happen and it will be only Edwards' second feature film. The $15,000 his camera's supposedly cost to make Monsters will now be the price of a week's catering for his new, much more substantial crew. WOW! How your life can change so dramatically, so quickly in this industry. Edwards would develop and direct the return of the epic-sized lizard, based on a screenplay by a new writer, who will work on the blueprint originally mapped out by David Callaham (The Expendables) Legendary and Warner Bros have been vocal about their Godzilla plans since buying the rights to the character from Toho last March. Essentially, they are making Godzilla Begins here, and just like they did with the Batman character with Christopher Nolan - they are giving a complete do-over to a pop-culture icon who was ruined in the late 90's by an astonishingly wretched, high-profile disaster. The hiring of Edwards, a young man with boundless enthusiasm and who proved on his debut film that he could exclusively tell the story of ordinary people just trying to survive when the world goes to hell during an apocalypse thankfully means that the chances of seeing the 'Godzilla problem' from the global p.o.v. of various heads of states, the military and world leaders just won't happen with him in this new film. Edwards is more concerned about a singular, human struggle and let's hope he keeps his focus in the $150 million big studio candy store he will soon find himself in. Now the ball has been passed to you Mr. Edwards, let's see what you can do.
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