Gareth's Top Ten Comedies of the 21st Century (So Far)


#9 Wedding Crashers (2005)

After his breakthrough role in 1996€™s SwingersVince Vaughn went all serious on us with a role in Jurassic Park: The Lost World and the pretty dire trio of the Psycho remake, The Cell and Domestic Disturbance. However since the start of the new Millennium he has carved out his niche as one of the most successful comedy actors working today. He has an uncanny knack for developing electric on screen chemistry with almost any co-star (Reese Witherspoon being the exception to that rule, I mean, come on €“ is there a more unlikely couple!?) This trademark Vaughn chemistry is on display in all its glory in 2005€™s Wedding Crashers. Teaming up with Owen Wilson, who was effectively playing the Aykroyd to Vaughn€™s Belushi, Vaughn was larger than life as divorce lawyer and wedding crasher Jeremy Grey. Wedding Crashers wasn€™t just the Vince Vaughn show though, it also had Christopher Walken, well, being Christopher Walken, a very funny Will Ferrell cameo and Bradley Cooper showing the sort of charisma that would a couple of years later make him the star of his own hit movie. The real star of Wedding Crashers undoubtedly is Vaughn though, and it is his and Wilson€™s bro-mance which gives a film about a rather unscrupulous subject a nice touch of warmth and ultimately makes the film€ even if they did trot out that awful cliché €“ the foul-mouthed Granny, but hey, Catherine Tate€™s made a career out of that.
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