Gemini Man Review: 4 Ups & 6 Downs

A fascinating disaster.

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It's incredibly rare that a $140 million Will Smith-starring tentpole movie arrives with such little hype, but indeed, there's been precious little buzz - positive, anyway - about the ambitious sci-fi actioner Gemini Man, helmed by Oscar-winning director Ang Lee.

There has been curiosity, at least, about the film's intriguing concept - a present-day Will Smith battling a younger clone of himself - as well as Lee's attempt to push cinematic boundaries by shooting the film at 120 fps.

Ultimately, though, Gemini Man really isn't worth much fuss at all, and despite the clear effort on Lee's part to give audiences a unique experience, it's one that's by turns bland and weird rather than fresh and exhilarating.

Early reviews are largely negative so far, rightly lamenting its utter lack of imagination as scripted, as well as the rather unconvincing aspects of its lavish production.

It's not the one-star trainwreck you might've been expecting and gets a few points for being so fascinatingly bizarre, but it's certainly a career low-point for just about everyone involved...

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