George Clooney Is Actually Batman

Who knew a real life Bruce Wayne was staring us in the face the entire time?

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Poor George Clooney. The actor seemed tailor made for the part of Bruce Wayne/Batman when he was cast in the role for Joel Schumacher's ill-fated Batman & Robin, and while he was a faultless Bruce Wayne, Clooney's Caped Crusader wasn't of the calibre that predecessors Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton's were.

Still, for all that Batman and Clooney didn't blend, the actor has put the 1997 film firmly behind him. Or so you would think. Clooney may have developed a formidable filmography over the last two decades, but a 2013 report from The Huffington Post doing the rounds on Twitter this week seems to imply that the actor isn't quite done playing superhero, particularly those fashioned in the Bruce Wayne mould.

As unearthed by Twitter user @SimplyTome, it turns out that the real reason why Clooney did so many of those Nespresso adverts in the late 2000s/2010s was to fund his own private satellite program. What did Clooney do with said satellites? Why, he used it to keep tabs on war crimes in Sudan, and warn civilians before the Sudanese army attacked a given area.


That's... basically Batman. George Clooney is a real-life Batman.


Of course, Clooney himself is no stranger to humanitarian work. The actor has rallied against genocide in Sudan through The Sentry, an organisation which describes itself as "an investigative and policy team that follows the dirty money connected to African war criminals and transnational war profiteers", and has supported a number of charitable causes over the years.

Those familiar with Clooney's work will also know that wife Amal Clooney (now special envoy on media freedom by order of the British Commonwealth Office), is a prominent figure in international law and human rights cases. Together, the duo are making a genuine effort to stop injustice. The Dark Knight himself couldn't do better.



To learn more about The Sentry organisation, visit their website here.

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