Gerard Butler: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

He's talented, just don't ask him to do an American accent...

Gerard Butler Geostorm
Warner Bros.

With the release of Geostorm this week, it's a chance to do something slightly different. There's the usual big action sequences, and he's still saving both the President and the world, but satellite designer Jake Lawson is a character who relies on his brains even more than his brawn.

Butler can do mindless action in his sleep, but what about the rest of his career? He's had a tendency to show up in the most questionable places, from misjudged horror movies to banal rom-coms. Yet at the same time, he's had a number of (occasionally surprising) successes - the right career choices at the right time seeing his profile rise over the last decade or so.

Sometimes the films he's chosen to participate in are poorly made, but make a lot of money, and sometimes they're critical hits. His track record is simply so all over the shop that at times it can be hard to get a read on whether he's actually any good as an actor. Because a lot of the time, he's kind of just a charming Scottish guy. And to be fair to him, a lot of the time, that works. Unfortunately, that's not always the case...


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