Gerard Butler has some Ludacris opposition

Coming Soon have gotten word that Ludacris has been tapped up for a role in Lionsgate's futursitic action movie GAME, fromt he directors of CRANK. Although actually it won't be called GAME, as it's now officially untitled. The rapper will play a member of the resistance group who protest against the use of prisoners as fodder for deadly real-life video games. Gerard Butler leads the film as Kable, the number one player who is determined to bring down the system and win back his identity. Further news from the film has reached us and it looks like DEATH PROOF actress and real-life superhero Zoe Bell has also joined the cast. No word on the part, but it's likely to involve some stunt work and hopefully some ass kicking. So that's a rapper and a stuntwoman cast in the movie. And still I like the sound of this thing!

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