German actors in talks for INGLORIOUS BASTARDS

Daniel Bruhl & Til Schweiger meet with Tarantino over his next project.

Quentin Tarantino might be coming closer to filling that big German role in his World War II epic Inglorious Bastards, the role which Leonardo DiCaprio was to be offered until the director decided he wanted an actual German actor to play the part. The Guardian say that 30 year old Daniel Bruhl (The Bourne Ultimatum) and 45 year old veteran Til Schweiger (King Arthur, Lara Croft 2) have met with Quentin about the role. Bruhl...

Schweiger... tn2_til_schweiger_2 Meanwhile Tobia Kneibe a German film critic said after reading the script (which can you believe is still on my desk, left unread after about eight weeks?)...

"This is pop culture meets Nazi Germany and the Holocaust with an unprecedented force,"
Shooting is set to begin at Potsdam Babelsberg studios west of Berlin on October 13. source - /film

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