"Get off my lawn!" - Clint Eastwood's GRAN TORINO gets trailer!

A deeply grizzled Clint Eastwood, back on our screens for the first time in four years is Walt Kowalski, a pissed off elderly racist who doesn't quite agree with how the world is changing around him, as foreigners start moving in next door. Or at least that's how the trailer starts but there's more to this character than meets the eye and an incident in his neighbourhood forces him to interact and help those of different race, who he previously only showed disdain towards. This is much more than a film about an old guy protecting his prized vehicle from a youthful gang of crooks. Apple have released a HD trailer for the movie, which you can see by clicking on the screenshot below. The movie very much has Clint doing his angry DIRTY HARRY gig and you can certainly see from the character why some people who got hold of the leaked script thought it could have been a film about an older Harry Callahan. In fact, I'm sure Clint probably flirted with making it a DIRTY HARRY flick... a kind of late entry to the series that would do for FIRST BLOOD what RAMBO did or what ROCKY BALBOA did for ROCKY. GRAN TORINO opens Dec. 17th in the U.S, with no U.K. date yet attached.

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