Get Ready For Oscars: Daniel Day Lewis & Paul Thomas Anderson Are Reteaming

DDL set to spend the next year immersed in 1950s fashion scene (probably).

Paul Thomas Anderson Daniel Day Lewis
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Good news, fans of immersive method acting: Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson are looking to reunite for a fashion scene drama set in the 1950s.

Variety are reporting the possibility of Day-Lewis returning to the screen after his "hiatus" in the wake of 2012's Lincoln, and say he's been loosely attached to the project for some time. Hopefully, Anderson will turn his eye for historical projects to the scene to make something akin to Boogie Nights.

The director is apparently still working on the script and meeting "young actresses of Eastern European descent to cast supporting roles," though the film will be set in New York.


Even without a completed script, you can be assured of quality, if only because Day-Lewis is even remotely considering it. He's now in a position (as he has been for some time) where he can pick and choose his roles, and he generally only comes out of his low-profile stints for great projects (apart from Nine, obviously).

Other than that, little is known, but it's certainly one to keep an eye on.

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