GET SMART guys. Anne Hathaway is square peg, round hole for SPIDER-MAN 4!

Anne Hathaway now looks favourite for Black Cat role in Spidey 4, but she's not the right woman for the part.

Anne Hathaway is a tremendous actress. Oscar nominated last year for her brave and transparent performance in Rachel Getting Married, and the huge exposure her brief Oscar stint with Hugh Jackman helped her win two massive musical projects that are being written for her right now (Judy Garland biopic & a one with Jackman), leave her on the verge of mega A-list stardom, if she isn't already there. But I tell you folks... she's a bad fit for Spider-Man 4. She doesn't need this gig at this stage of her career and Sony are barking up the wrong tree by allegedly approaching her a part in the movie, according to Nikki Finke. passengers01Sometimes an incredible, top-notch actress can simply be wrong for a part. She's an amazing presence on screen. But hey, sometimes an actor just doesn't work in some environments. And that's the case here with the role of Black Cat and Spider-Man 4. Hathaway won't be able to do the mainstream comic book shtick. She barely got through the parody blockbuster Get Smartwith her career in tact and yeah she could pull it off physically, but it's different when you have to play that role for serious. Can you imagine if Audrey Hepburn in the 70s decided she was going to play Wonder Woman? Or if De Niro wanted to play Batman in 1989, or if Julia Roberts wanted to play Poison Ivy in 1997. Hathaway's too sophisticated. She's gonna look Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst dead on in the eye, and blow them out of the water, twisting them in thespian knots and sinking them to the bottom of the mediocre-ville that they come from. Hathaway in in the tight skin costume acting through a mask in anything but an all out farce is all wrong.

Out of the four names we've heard for the part (Rachel McAdams & Romola Garai, Julia Stiles and now Anne Hathaway), McAdams has to be the choice. Especially after a case of bad timing lost her TWO roles in the Iron Man franchise, and she's been desperate for this kind of gig, as much as she denies it. As far as physical appearance goes, Garai resemblences Black Cat the most but from Atonement and watching interviews with her over the past week, I'm not sure she has the sexiness factor, or the experience. HOWEVER, she has the young faced, slightly skinny look of the Raimi-Spidey universe...

I think you can take Hathaway to the bank on this one. It's her part if she wants it, I would say. Finke has SOLID sources at Marvel and is proven time and time again to be the one in the know over there.
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