Ghostbusters 3: 10 Reasons It's A Terrible Idea

Ghostbusters 3 logo Even if you aren€™t a Ghostbusters fan, everyone will have heard something about Ghostbusters 3, the film that may or may not be getting made sometime in the future. Every week there seems to be a different story about what is or isn€™t happening (there have been so many "official" announcements confirming multiple developments, I honestly have no idea what is actually going on anymore). So the more it gets talked about, the more I start to think that Ghostbusters 3 is a terrible idea, and that's because...

10. Aykroyd Could Mess Up

Dan Aykroyd It has been well-documented that Dan Aykroyd is dedicated to getting Ghostbusters 3 made. Many reports and rumours state that Aykroyd doesn€™t really care if Bill Murray agrees to it or not as he just wants to make the film. However, this seeming obsession with making Ghostbusters 3 could lead to it being a terrible film. How many times have you written something, like a song, an essay or a script that you thought was amazing only to realise looking back that it was actually awful? It€™s worse when you€™ve been so dedicated to a project as well; you€™ve put so much effort into it that you simply can€™t see anything wrong. The same thing could happen with Dan Aykroyd. He€™s been so desperate to just get the film made he may have written a terrible script without realising.

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