Ghostbusters 3: Jason Reitman's Secret Sequel Already Has Its First Teaser

This teaser makes me feel good.

Ghostbusters 3

It's only just been revealed, but Jason Reitman's Ghostbusters 3 - which he's been working on in secret - already has its first teaser.

There obviously isn't much footage yet, with the teaser, which comes courtesy of EW, instead very much focusing on establishing the tone and building hype, and it's absolutely nailed the requisite Ghostbusters feel that ties it back to the classic original. Opening on a shot of an old barn at night, we hear someone working away on a machine, before Elmer Bernstein's score begins to kick in.

Then, when we get into the barn, we find out exactly what's being worked on: Ecto-1! Who is working on it, and why it's in the barn, will be questions either answered by the film itself, or further along in its marketing. The biggest surprise of today is that we're asking such questions at all.


Ghostbusters 3 will take place in the present day, and be set in the same continuity as the first two movies, serving as a proper sequel. It's expected the remaining original cast members will return, with the leads of the new film being a group of four teenagers - two girls and two boys. There aren't many other details just yet, but Sony are aiming for a Summer 2020 release.


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