GHOSTBUSTERS 3 shoots this Winter (already with twitter response!)

If you ever want to know what's happening with Ghostbusters III, just ask Dan Ackroyd. He is never one to shy away from telling you what's really going down with a franchise that is closest to his heart and it's comments like "at any second everything could blow up", which remind us that we've been here before with this series. Not quite as far as getting a production team, a screenplay written (from the writers of The U.S. Office) AND importantly all the cast to agree on a return but still we've been close before. Ackroyd although optimistic about seeing the movie made this time is also a realist and knows it won't take much for it to all fall down again. ghostbusters3ackroydspeaks In an article from yesterday's L.A. Times, Ackroyd reveals that the potential "passing of the torch" movie could film this Winter and the actor forsees a new generation of FIVE ghostbusters with a female presence dropped in for good measure. He even decides to name drop former Charmed actress Alyssa Milano (who voiced a character in the upcoming video game) and Eliza Dushku as the two he would most like to see in the franchise. Milano doesn't inspire me with much confidence but the Dushku choice is a great one. She knows this kind of comedy/action material and in several t.v. shows that she has fronted her tough chick with a quick wit persona has shined through. She lobbied hard for the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2and just missed out to Scarlett Johansson, she is due a break and I would love to see her land a part in this... eliza_dushkughostbi In this Twitter generation where actresses' have unprecedented power of voice to get out their response instantly and not wait for a publicist to be the middle man, both Milayno and Dushku have already rebutted Ackroyd's claims. Which is funny, because all Ackroyd ever said was the two names he would LIKE to see in the new movie, not specifically that he had approached them. Via Geeks of Doom...

Can€™t speak for @ElizaPatricia (Hi, pretty lady)but this is the first I€™m hearing of Ghostbusters 3. Did the VO in the game tho. Ghost-rumor-buster in a big way @Alyssa_milano (hey girlene) it€™s nuthin€™ I know of.
Speaking of director as we did on 05.05.09 by default the first choice was the series helmer Ivan Reitman but Ackroyd nixes his chances of returning by stating he's "too busy as a mega-producer" and his second choice and close friend Harold Ramis (Groundhog Day, Year One) has "a lot of things going on, but it would be wonderful to see him do it." One of those things going on is him actually having a role in this third movie, reprising Egon. Ackroyd believes the original cast, who have all agreed to return (yes even Bill Murray and Rick Moranis but not it seems Sigourney Weaver) will only appear briefly, maybe only for a handful of bookend scenes. This film is firmly about setting up a new generation of Ghostbusters. One of which has been rumored to be John Krasinki (The Office connection) but according to Beaks at AICN who has spoke to the actor personally, he claims he has also not yet been approached. I'm planning to write an article, possibly sometime later today reflecting on my personal five choices for the new generation of Ghostbusters, so look out for that soon.
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