G.I. JOE pics!

Ray Park as a black clad, sword wielding, gun pointing ninja!

I'm a little surprised we haven't seen more spy footage from the sets of the currently filming G.I. Joe. It sure looked like we would when the first couple of days of the shot saw several photo's of the cast and crew leak onto the web including this one of Dennis Quaid as General Hawk. Maybe Paramount have finally gotten round to improving their security. AICN and USA Today have our first look at Ray Park's character Snake Eyes, the mute ninja commando and a huge fan favourite with fanboys...


As you know I'm ignorant towards G.I. Joe but I'll be damned, if a movie that involves a cool looking ninja played by Ray Park doesn't hold my interest somewhat. That image above looks cool, I can't wait to see the rest of the crew. I like that all these guys have such a backstory and individual look to them. It reminds me a little of that cool video game Jagged Alliance. Do you remember that? One of the coolest aspect of the game was choosing your group of mercenaries from a pool of around 60 and as a geek looking through their origins and abilities was just so cool. I always thought that could make a cool movie. Maybe this will be my Jagged Alliance movie? G.I. Joe fans, let your voice be heard. What do you think of the Snake-Eyes look?
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