Giovanni Ribisi Joins Seth MacFarlane's Talking Teddy Bear Movie TED

Giovanni Ribisi a.k.a. Phoebe from Friends' dim-witted half-brother and creepy looking character actor who has appeared in dozens of movies but you couldn't name five of them in a minute if you had to - will be co-starring in Seth MacFarlane's upcoming comedy Ted, it has been revealed by Universal. Mark Wahlberg leads as a guy who deals with the trials and tribulations one might expect to be faced with when a beloved teddy bear from your childhood suddenly comes to life. Adam Scott, Seth MacFarlane himself and Mila Kunis support, the latter who shall presumably be playing a role of greater significance than that of the ever-suffering Meg, her character in the director's hit comedy series Family Guy. MacFarlane will voice the CG motion captured bear in what will be his directorial debut, having co-wrote the script alongside fellow Family Guy writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. Ribisi is to take the role of Donny, a man who is obsessed with the talking bear. It's an interesting movie for MacFarlane, considering the enormous box-office figures a full-length Family Guy motion picture would surely have generated. Then again, when you compare his other projects The Cleveland Show and American Dad to his work with the Griffin family, it's not hard to imagine that Ted will follow a very similar comedic path.

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