Glass: 16 WTF Moments

A puddle? Seriously!?

Glass James McAvoy WTF

You've probably had a chance to check out M. Night Shyamalan's Glass for yourself by now, and though we're only nearing the end of January, it's likely that the controversial director's climactic superhero thriller will end up one of 2019's most divisive and polarising films.

An ambitious and daring movie that also falls down short in a number of key areas, it is nevertheless a film jam-packed with the filmmaker's well-noted penchant for weirdness, no matter if it serves the story or not.

From bizarre pop-culture references to some absurdly lazy writing, shocking death scenes and the customary array of absurd plot twists, Glass is a film that doesn't want for WTF moments.

Whether you sat there with a knowing smirk on your face or were simply left in head-scratching disbelief, however, is another matter altogether. Either way, you have to at least admire (perhaps begrudgingly) Shyamalan's commitment to his nuttier ideas, regardless of how much sense they do or don't make...

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