Glee's Ryan Murphy wanted for ROCKY HORROR remake!

Fresh from reviewing the excellent blu-ray release of Jim Stewart's cult icon of a musical, I've just discovered from Deadline that 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' looks set to join the throngs of unnecessary remakes currently busying the big men of Hollywood. Fox 2000 are currently courting 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy - obviously impressed by the way his show handled their upcoming 'Rocky Horror' themed episode, airing Oct. 26th in the U.S.

It's sacrilege. If ever there was an untouchable film it would be 'Rocky Horror'.

It was both timely (in terms of its satire of sexually repressed mainstream America) and timeless (since it still plays Midnight Screenings), and not only that, the film thrives on the iconic central performances. Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick were both excellent as the flabber-ghasted naive all-American couple who stumble upon the old Frank N Furter place, but Tim Curry was just plain glorious as the Sweet Transvestite himself: it is simply unimaginable to think of anyone being able or worthy to fill his man-sized high-heeled shoes.

Not only that, but the cult following the film has built up took considerable work. The film initially was a disaster at the box-office, and only grew in popularity thanks to the midnight showings that still run in some cinemas and encourage their frenzied, dressed-up audience members to participate through a complex series of prompts. That kind of following takes time, and to try and recapture that spirit by simply remaking it (and presumably tinkering with it to make it more current) would be folly.

Let's all hope that Murphy's 'Glee' tribute was borne out of a personal love of the original 'Rocky Horror', because then he just might realise that he should leave it as it is.

I wouldn't expect this to be his next project as Murphy is forging a possible spring start on 'The Normal Heart', a Mark Ruffalo starring adaptation of the Larry Kramer play concering aids, and he also has a $5 million deal to write and direct an original romantic comedy for his 'Eat Pray Love' star Julia Roberts to lead.


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