Godzilla: 17 Easter Eggs, References & Fan Nods You Need To See

Godzilla is back!

After a slow-burn teasing campaign that started way back in 2012, Gareth Edwards' Godzilla lumbers back into cinemas this Friday to mark the 60th anniversary of Japan's most famous monster hero, reannouncing the monster movie as a bankable genre. Edwards has history of course, making his name on the much-loved Monsters, and it's obvious from his work in rebooting the Godzilla franchise that he was always the right man for the considerable, auspicious task. That comes down to his commitment to occasionally breath-taking spectacle, human relation, and mostly his passion for and knowledge of the genre: he's clearly a fan, and that has manifested itself in a lovingly crafted movie that is both brand new and nostalgic. As a result of that passion, this Godzilla is packed with Easter Eggs, References and fan-baiting moments designed to recapture our love of the monster and the genre, and the work deserves celebration through recognition. With that in mind we've put together a comprehensive look at all of the canon-nods and references to tease your excitement for the film further. Please note: this article contains spoilers for Godzilla. If you don€™t want to know what happens in 'Zilla's newest adventure, do abandon ship.

17. 1954

When the background of the creatures in the film - and especially Godzilla - are established, it is revealed that Godzilla was awoken when an undersea exploration trip in 1954 went too deep, and the date is no arbitrary choice. 1954 of course saw the first Godzilla movie released, and the release this year also marks the 60th anniversary of the character on screen.

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