Godzilla: 20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know

20. One Film Accidentally Revealed A Classified Weapon


In 1962, Godzilla squared off against the Eighth Wonder of the World, King Kong, in King Kong VS Godzilla. Not only was this film the first crossover in either series but it was also the first time the characters appeared in colour. It was also the first time Kong was depicted by a man in a costume rather than through stop-motion.

Weirdly, the most fascinating thing about this film has nothing to do with the iconic monsters. During one battle, the American army uses a portable missile-launched nuclear weapon called the Davy Crockett.

Now, any audience member would assume that this device is simply a piece of fiction. Monster movies make up fantastical weapons all the time and the Davy Crockett seemed no different.

Well, that's the thing. The Davy Crockett was a genuine weapon. It was one of the smallest nuclear devices ever and was deployed by the US government during the Cold War.

The strangest thing about the Davy Crockett was that it was top secret at the time King Kong VS Godzilla was released. How someone found out about it and put it in this film is anyone's guess.

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