05godzilla3d1-258—346.jpgEvery couple of years or so there is a new Godzilla movie. It's just the way it is. We can't get enough of the big creature, just like King Kong. Ten years ago today, Roland Emmerich'sGodzilla was well into production and was probably the most anticipated movie of 1998. The film was panned by critics, but it went on to make $379 million worldwide on a budget of $130 million. The studio's got their money (although not as much as I think they wanted) but movie audiences didn't get the Godzilla film they dreamed of. In a time period of second chances and restarts (hell we've seen Batman reinvented since 98 too) it looks like we are getting another roll of the dice on Godzilla. AICN have confirmed that there is an English-language Godzilla movie in the works that's going to be in frikkin' 3-D!! Tokyo based Producer/Director Yoshimitsu Banno and Producer Kenji Okuhira will work with Hollywood 3-D veterans Producer Brian Rogers, Director Keith Melton, and Director of Photography Peter Anderson.
€œGodzilla 3-D€ will be designed to take full advantage of the composition, staging, and dynamic editing of original three dimensional photography. The film will also incorporate updated creature technology along with cutting edge motion capture and 3-D CGI animation to bring a more fluid and realistic energy to Godzilla. This will create more subtle facial moves and will allow the filmmakers to expand and enhance Godzilla€™s character.
Production is tentaviely scheduled for February with South America, Mexico, Tokoyo, Las Vegas and Los Angeles the shooting locations. Hell Yes! 3-D GODZILLA!! Can you imagine seeing this on IMax? source - slash film
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