Godzilla Reboot: 5 Reasons You Should Be Excited

Over the last two years, the production has slowly been coming together, and with each new addition, my skepticism fades and my enthusiasm grows.

Godzilla is one of the longest running film franchises in human history. Since his introduction all the way back in 1954, he has starred in a whopping 28 films, cartoons, multiple comic book series from Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, and IDW, and numerous video games. He even had a star placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Needless to say, he is a pop culture icon known around the world, despite the fact that most people probably have never watched a single Godzilla film. I myself have been a fan since I was a kid. I€™ve seen every movie and own most of them on VHS (remember those?), along with countless actions figures, magazines, and comic books. The big guy was a huge part of my childhood, and as cheesy as it may sound, left in indelible impact on me. I was a fan before the 1998 version was released, and I still remember seeing that first teaser trailer on New Year€™s Eve, 1997. Immediately my nine year old eyes lit up when I realized what I just saw. I couldn€™t believe it; Godzilla was actually getting an American interpretation. Finally, everyone would see why Godzilla is the king! I was there opening day, and I was so flabbergasted by what I saw I actually convinced myself I liked it. Here you might expect me to start bashing the hell out of the film, but it has been around for far too long for me to even bother. Anything that could be said has been said already. The film was typical Roland Emmerich, and while it is an alright monster movie, any Godzilla fan will tell you that the creature in that movie was not Godzilla. It went beyond appearances, as everything that defined Godzilla was stripped away in favor for a more realistic and animalistic creature. Gone was the symbolism parallel to his nuclear nature, gone was his thirst for destruction, and gone was any personality. Godzilla was reduced to an animal looking to reproduce, and while that isn€™t a bad idea for a monster movie, it€™s just not Godzilla. People expect certain criteria to be met when going into a Godzilla movie, and none of them were met. It didn€™t even deliver on the scale of destruction, something Emmerich continues to be known for. Fast forward over ten years, and to my surprise, there was talk of another American Godzilla, this time from Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures. When I first heard this news, I was cautiously optimistic. Early rumor suggested that this interpretation would remain more faithful to the character, which is always great to hear. However, talk is cheap, and until those in charge demonstrated this, I retained my skepticism. Over the last two years, the production has slowly been coming together, and with each new addition, my skepticism fades and my enthusiasm grows. Here are five reasons why I am now officially excited for Warner Brothers€™s Godzilla reboot, and why you should be as well.

Film and video game obsessed philosophy major raised by Godzilla, Goku, and Doomguy.