Golden Globes 2019: 8 Ups & 7 Downs

Bohemian Rhapsody shocks the world.


After months of relentless campaigning, awards season has officially entered its final stretch with the Golden Globes.

And while the controversial awards show is historically a spotty precursor to the Academy Awards, it can nevertheless suggest the possibility of some left-field surprises come Oscar time on February 25th.

This year's Globes was a mixed bag of a show, as it typically is. With a seriously lacking and oddly charmless presentation, the 76th iteration of the awards had to rely on deserved winners giving heartfelt acceptance speeches above all else, because actual entertainment value was oddly low this year.

The Globes' spuriously-known voting body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, once again demonstrated their penchant for awarding conventional, dubious work over more widely acclaimed, artful efforts.

To their mild credit, though, they did also award a few performances and movies which will likely be totally ignored by the Academy.

And that's of course not to forget the TV side of the equation, with a certain hit FX show finally winning a long-overdue Best TV Series award, while everybody was left wondering why they'd never heard of The Kominsky Method before...


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