Good News, Terminator 6 Will Completely Ignore Genisys

Arnie confirms more timeline confusion.

Terminator Genisys Arnold Schwarzenegger
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It's pretty hard to keep track of which Terminator films actually count as canon any more. When Terminator Genisys was in production - and James Cameron was being strangely positive about it - it was revealed that neither Terminator 3 nor Salvation were considered canon.

Now, it looks like the soft rebooting sequel is set to be ignored itself, as Terminator 6 is going to completely ignore it - according to star Arnold Schwarzenegger. It will follow on from Terminator 2 - the last Cameron Terminator film, of course.

Arnie confirmed the retcon to The Terminator Fans at an event called An Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger in the UK, where he also confirmed that Terminator 6 isn't going to be the title.


He also dropped some more information, including revealing that Linda Hamilton is currently in training, that Robert Patrick won't be involved (sadly and that he will receive his script soon with filming set for March 2018.

Whether the timeline will be reset entirely remains to be seen, but with Hamilton involved, you have to suspect that Sarah Connor is once more going to be the focus. And ignoring the concerns that this is all going very X-Men, focusing on the James Cameron classics more is not a bad idea.


Let's just hope his ability to discern quality has improved since he made those comments about Genisys.

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