Goose bump inducing 5 star WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE trailer!

wild-things-new-1-590x252Spike Jonze and the marketing team behind Where The Wild Things Are hit the jackpot when they found Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" to be their theme song and it's hard to believe it even existed before this movie. Has a pop song and trailer ever blended so well? Are we prepared for how big this movie is going to be? Will the reaction be as crazy as Twilight - is it going to make that kind of cultural impact? Where the Wild Things Are. Theatrical trailer. @ Yahoo! Video I dunno what it is but everytime I see footage from this movie, it's the moment the monsters start moving and talking, I end up with a sudden gasp in my throat and I end up with a big, big grin on my face. It's something I can't explain but it hits the inner childhood trigger like a thunderbolt and it floors my adult self and I'm 10 again. I can't imagine how this blending of sounds and visuals affect kids. The trailer, the whole movie looks magic. It's out in October in the U.S. but not until December in the U.K - this late in the decade, are we about to see potentially one of the most significant films of this period that will leave a mark for years and years to come?
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