Goosebumps Writer Latest To Try And Rewrite Gremlins

Will he get it right where many others have failed?

Some kind of Gremlins do-over has been threatened for years. I can even remember a time when it came up and the prospect of CG Gremlins brought to mind nothing more convincing than the dancing baby from Ally McBeal. Right now, Warner Bros.' current plans are to get a new script from Carl Ellsworth. His next picture is Goosebumps, so you can see the very linear studio-brain at work there, I'm sure. Do we need a remake of Gremlins? No, not really. But neither did we 'need' a sequel, and Joe Dante managed to make Gremlins 2 into one of the strangest, most unpredictable and idiosyncratic summer blockbusters I have ever, ever seen. Will Ellsworth's script deliver such riches? Well, I won't hold my breath, but maybe it will. I hope he at least feels free to go a little wild. Gremlins should not be tamed. There's no indication yet who might direct the new film but the smart money is on some advertising or music video hotshot that hardly anyone has heard of. Or maybe Adam Green. I've got a feeling they might go to Green on this... Call it a hunch. Anyway, Chris Columbus, who wrote the original, will be one of the producers. Stay tuned for more, including the inevitable promise that they'll use as many practical effects as possible. source - deadline
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