Gore Verbinski roles the dice with CLUE!

For the second time in history, a major movie studio is making a movie out of the mystery board game CLUE (Cluedo in the U.K.). In 1985, Tim Curry starred in a black comedy adaptation of the game which had three different theatrical endings depending on where you saw it and ended up being a major flop for Paramount at the box office. clue Now comes word from Variety that PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN director Gore Verbinski will helm a new movie adaptation at Universal. He will make the movie after he has made BIOSHOCK at the same studio. The movie will be...

"A global thriller and transmedia event that uses deductive reasoning as its storytelling engine."
CLUE is one of several movies setup at Universal after their big money multi deal contract last year to bring Hasbro's toy properties to the big screen. Also in the works are... MONOPOLY with Ridley Scott. OUIJA BOARD with Michael Bay. STRETCH ARMSTRONG with Steve Oedekerk.CANDYLAND with Kevin Lima.
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