Goyer calls Cronenberg "genius" but he is still doing Scanners

scanners.jpgI'm a huge fan of John Carpenter. His work in the 70's and 80's make him a celluloid genius, especially with The Thing and Halloween.... but that doesn't mean I want to "remake", "reimagine" or "update" any of them. I know the obvious reason for that is because I'm not a film-maker, but if I were... I would have more respect for his work and MOST OF ALL MYSELF to instead make ORIGINAL movies and promote my own creative voice. After all, isn't that what you want to achieve as a film-maker? Yes the money is nice, of course you have to make a living... but isn't your primary goal as a director to have your own voice which is projected in your body work? I say this because David Goyer's comments on why he wants to remake David Cronenberg'sScanners over at Sci-Fi Wire leave me in two minds. This is what he says....
I'm a huge Cronenberg fan, and Scanners was definitely one of my favorite films as a kid....What we're trying to do is take all the best elements of that. ... He obviously made it on a shoestring budget, so this time hopefully we can expand upon what he did."
Now, being a huge fan of Scanners undoubtedly means you should stay away from the original because you will never be able to make it anywhere near as good.... BUT.... The point he makes about Scanners being really low budget is worth listening too. Cronenberg's movie is an awesome flick, but it's far from the perfect film and the production values could certainly be improved.... but then again that's part of the 80's Cronenberg charm. Darren Lynn Bousman, the helmer of the last two Saw movies (and also upcoming Saw IV) will be directing the picture with a start date of early next year currently planned. source - sci-fi wire, filmstalker
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