Grant Morrison to reveal Area 51

area.jpgParamount Pictures have hired famed comic book writer Grant Morrison to scribe the feature adaptation of the first person shooter Area 51. The game was released in April 2005, but the feature rights have been held by Paramount since 2004 when they acquired them from Midway Games.
Set in the U.S. government's most top-secret military facility, the storyline revolves around a hazardous materials specialist who is called in to investigate a viral outbreak that could be extra-terrestrial in nature.
Writer Dean Georgaris turned in the first draft for Area 51, which Morrison will either re-write, or turn in a completely new script. Morrison is currently penning issues of Batman and is known for his narrative-bending storylines and is widely thought of as being one of the best writers working in the medium. I haven't played the game, but with Morrison writing the flick.... this may end up being a very interesting take on a rather conventional genre. We've all seen alien movies before, it's certainly time for something different me thinks. source - variety
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