Gravity: 10 Out Of This World Things You Might Have Missed

Title1 If you are yet to see Gravity you're clearly totally impervious to hype. A film that already had the internet on tenterhooks for months in excitement to see what Alfonso €˜best Harry Potter and Children Of Men maestro€™ Cuarón could do in the eternal playground of space, it€™s been met with damn near universal acclaim on release (some pernickety science types aside). Finally released in the UK last week, it€™s fair to say the fanfare is now less about how accomplished a technical feat it is, and more how serious an Oscar contender the film will be. With Sandra Bullock carrying much of the film on her CGI assisted shoulders and Emmanuel Lubezki€™s cinematrography getting cinephiles into the betting shops, there€™s endless chat to be had about this accomplished (if ever so slightly overrated) space drama. In amongst all the awards hoping and exploration of it€™s themes, Gravity also brings with it a vast wealth of trivia, some of which, in the latest of my long running series on hidden easter eggs and little known facts, I'll highlight today. It may not have many after credit scenes as Thor: The Dark World (although it does have something), but there's plenty to discover here. So plonk your feet firmly on the ground, brace yourself for dizzying spoilers and experience ten things you may not have noticed in Gravity.

One Thing You Don€™t Want To Miss - Aningaaq

Aningaaq Being such a self contained story you wouldn't expect Gravity to have much of a life beyond the end credits, but proving he is as narratively creative as he is visually, Cuarón will allow us to revisit the story, although from a completely different viewpoint. Directed by Alfonso€™s son Jonas (who also co-wrote the main feature), short film Aningaaq tells the story of the Inuit fisherman Sandra Bullock's Ryan Stone talks to when in the escape pod (pretty big mystery solved in that sentence alone). A companion piece that shares the similar sense of isolation (although with a much greater adeptness), there are some leaked videos available online, but for my money you€™d be best waiting for the high quality copy on the DVD/Blu-Ray. Entered for the Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short, this adds yet another Oscar hope to the Cuaróns' burgeoning list.

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