Great, There's A New Garfield Movie Coming...

Hopefully not another chance for Bill Murray to ruin his image.


With Hollywood currently trawling the toy box and the app store for movie ideas, it's almost refreshing to hear that someone is trying to remake a previously badly executed movie with an established fanbase. Unfortunately, that movie is Garfield, which has of course already added two blemishes to Bill Murray's career.

No matter how perfectly cast he was as the lasagne-loving feline, Murray was dragged to the gutter, particularly by the sequel, and when that franchise died few will have lost any sleep.

Now it seems that Hollywood has come back round again, as Alcon Entertainment has picked up the rights to produce an animated adaptation, with Garfield creator Jim Davis serving as executive producer.


The original comic strip was a sensation and it's testament to its success that Garfield continues to sell collections of books as well as merchandise, despite Hollywood's attempts to kill his appeal entirely. There is obviously still some goodwill there for the character, and with John Cohen (Despicable Me and The Angry Birds) producing, we should expect a family friendly adaptation.

Are you excited to see Garfield back on the big screen? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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