Grimsby Theatrical Trailer Drops - Sacha Baron-Cohen's Latest Comedy Looks Bonkers

"Will you stop shooting everything!?"

Sacha Baron-Cohen appeared as Borat on Jimmy Kimmel Live to premiere the theatrical trailer for next year's spy comedy, The Brothers Grimsby. Check it out below. The film centers around two brothers separated as children; one grows up to be Mark Strong/a secret agent, and the other grows up to be Sacha Baron-Cohen/a bit of a mug. They end up crossing paths when Baron-Cohen's eldest sibling Norman 'Nobby' Grimsby tracks down his long-lost brother, which results in Nobby being responsible for fluffing his brother's attempt to save a politician from assassination. To be honest, there wasn't a lot here that entertained me. It might be all-around spy movie fatigue (2015 saw seven major spy movies released), but it also might be because I didn't really find the trailer that funny. I had been looking forward to this since it was announced, but Sacha Baron-Cohen's character here just seems too much like a caricature rather than an actual person. It would've been better if he had downplayed it slightly, because as it stands his performance is a mite too overstated and obnoxious (although that is the comedy actor's modus operandi, to be fair). Mark Strong looks a good fit though, and if there's a big reason to see The Brothers Grimsby, it'll be to see him play the exasperated straight man to Baron-Cohen's wacky brother. The Brothers Grimsby is released on 11 March 2016.

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