Guardians Of The Galaxy: 20 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

Geeky stuff! In-jokes! Ducks trapped in a world they never made!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is already pretty darn dense, but that's nothing compared to the sixty years of continuity to be found in its comic book source material. The movie adaptations have so far done a pretty good job slowly building up the fictional universe, making nods to characters like Doctor Strange and patiently unveiling SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative over its first phase of films. Now we're well into Phase Two, however, things are kicking up a notch, and a whole new dimension is being added to the MCU: namely, SPACE. Often overlooked by the casual fanboy or novice comic book reader, Marvel has a long history for putting out "cosmic" books. During the seventies - y'know, the time when everyone in the bullpen was on psychedelics and/or listening to prog rock - there was a spate of space-based superheroes, many of whom eventually ended up in the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Now the film version is here and the people behind it have got those decades of backstory to work with again, only this time we've yet to see any of it on the silver screen. Which means that, in Guardians Of The Galaxy, the easter eggs come thick and fast. There are off-handed remarks to huge characters from the comic books, hints at future storylines Marvel have been teasing for years, cameo appearances from important members of the franchise, and some stuff that would have passed by even the most eagle-eyed fan. Good thing we've got, like, cyborg eagle eyes. Cyborg eagle is one better than regular eagle, right? Anyway, here are 20 of those easter eggs and references in Guardians Of The Galaxy that you simply must see. Because we did. We're cyborg eagles. Please note: this article contains spoilers for Guardians Of The Galaxy If you don€™t want to know what happens in the Marvel's newest property, do abandon ship.

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