Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: 10 Reasons It's Better Than The Original

Even if at first you do succeed, there's always room for improvement.


For quite a while, it seemed to be a universal opinion that sequels were always inherently inferior to their originals. Even films that were better than the ones that came before were dubbed as being at fault simply do to the fact that they were sequels.

This day and age, it's a slightly different story. There are some sequels that have not only surpassed the originals, but utterly blew them out of the water. This is true in the comic book genre especially.

The Captain America trilogy only improved with each instalment, Iron Man 3 is arguably the best of its respective trilogy, and Logan is already being considered the single best X-Men film, despite it being the series' tenth instalment. Sure, sometimes sequels do still fail to live up to their predecessors. However, the notion that this is an absolute rule is all but dead in the water these days.

Enter Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the follow-up to the immensely successful first film that shocked audiences when it took the world by storm back in 2014. It was a great film. One of Marvel's best, to be sure. However, there are certain factors that make the new sequel stand above its predecessor in the grand scheme of things.

The Guardians didn't only come back. They came back bigger, badder, and better than ever before.


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