Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: 12 Last Minute Rumours You Must See

9. Drax's Daughter Is Still Alive

Moondragon Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel Comics

The Rumour: Despite Drax believing that Ronan killed his wife and daughter under command of Thanos, the Mad Titan actually kept his daughter alive and raised her as his own.

How Likely Is It?: As nutty as this sounds, it does have rooting in the source material, where Thanos' father Mentor took Drax's daughter Heather and raised her to become a master martial artist and enormously powerful telepath named Moondragon.

It would be a shocking twist, no doubt, but in a movie already juggling several other family-centric plot threads, could this just be one too many, especially considering that Thanos reportedly doesn't appear in the movie. 2/10


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