Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: 12 Last Minute Rumours You Must See

7. The Elders Are Pivotal To The Plot

The Elders Of The Universe

The Rumour: The Elders Of The Universe, a group of supervillains comprised of the last surviving members of extinct alien races, are a pivotal aspect of the plot, motivating Star-Lord to track down his father.

Rumours last year pointed to four Elders appearing in Vol. 2, with two of them being The Collector and Ayesha.

How Likely Is It?: Doubtful. Benicio del Toro has already confirmed he doesn't appear in the film, and casting two more name actors as the other Elders without word leaking out seems rather unlikely. Plus, James Gunn rather bluntly called the rumour "nonsense", even if he's hardly the most credible source of refutation. 4/10


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