Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: Miley Cyrus & Nathan Fillion Cameos Revealed

So many cameos, so little time.

Nathan Fillion Guardians Of The Galaxy

As the days tick over until the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy (just the 5 days for us lucky Brits), it's becoming something of a minefield of rumours and confirmed secrets out there, and avoiding spoilers around the plot is difficult to say the least.

But if you're one of those fans who actually ENJOYS spoilers (sue me, it's a drug), it's a wonderful time to be alive, as the director and people who've seen the film are gleefully releasing as much information as they can.

Hot on the trail of news that the original Guardians of The Galaxy show up (but not Adam Warlock, who was originally intended to appear) James Gunn has revealed who his friend Nathan Fillion was supposed to be playing (he's another whose role was cut) after the actor posted a seemingly revelatory picture on his Instagram...


It turns out, there's not actually a deleted scene with Fillion's character - revealed to be Simon Williams some time ago - and Gunn has revealed what was actually supposed to happen...



Fillion's image revealed that Fillion as Williams was playing Marvel character Arkon The Magnificent (as spotted by one Twitter user), and teasing the existence of Wonder Man (Williams' legitimate superhero alter-ego) in the Guardians universe. Gunn admits he loves the character, but given his absence, you'd have to think it's now unlikely we'll see him in the threequel.

Elsewhere, it's now also been confirmed that Miley Cyrus makes a cameo in the film, voicing Mainframe - the android replacement Tony Stark built on his retirement from superheroism who formed A-Next - an alternate Avengers team of back-up heroes.

Lifestyle blogger Sarah Ruhlman was the one to reveal that particular nugget...

All very interesting revelations. Let's hope the film lives up to the early hype.


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