Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: There's Another Undiscovered Easter Egg

Damn you, Gunn!

Marvel Studios

It's now been coming up four years since the first Guardians Of The Galaxy movie was released and there's still one big Easter Egg to be found, according to James Gunn. And just to prove how committed he is to making fans pour over every single frame of his comic book movies, the director has now revealed that the same is true of the sequel.

He's a big fan of talking to fans on social media, and he's just revealed the existence of said mystery Easter Egg:


So, back to the film we go to try and find it...

And don't worry if you're beginning to worry that the first movie's missing Egg will never be found - Gunn says he'll reveal it if nobody finds it. Hopefully with some ceremony around the reveal, or as an Extra on the Guardians Trilogy boxset or something?


For now, it's a good way to make sure everyone keeps watching and talking about his movies as he begins the process of writing the already confirmed threequel.

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