Guff Episode #6 - The Dark Knight Rises Special

Holy Podcast Batman !

It's the final episode of the current series of Guff, and we've brought you a chunky Batman special to celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises. Within you'll find a rambling and honest discussion of the entire Warner Bros. Batman Saga, from Tim Burton's quirky rendition through to the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's drastic reinvention of the franchise. Expect debates surrounding gratuitous misuse of Prince, George Clooney's allegedly homosexual portrayal of Bruce Wayne and the long running question over who deserves to be crowned as king of the Jokers - Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger. We also discuss Michael Keaton's hair WARNING: Guff features strong language, incredibly poor celebrity impersonations and Dark Knight Rises SPOILERS - You have been warned ! (Music by Teleidofusion) Recording Date: 20/07/12 Email us at €“ Tweet us €“ @guffcast Guff is made up of the following presenters €“ Lewis Craig, Nick Georgiou, Stephen Leigh, Christian Dalton Locke & Robert Trott. _____________ What did you make of this podcast? Your comments are welcome and help us understand what can be improved upon for future shows.
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Cult horror enthusiast and obsessive videogame fanatic. Stephen considers Jaws to be the single greatest film of all-time and is still pining over the demise of Sega's Dreamcast. As well regularly writing articles for WhatCulture, Stephen also contributes reviews and features to Ginx TV.