Guillermo del Toro plums for THE CHAMPIONS

Mexican helmer to go in a new direction. He is to write, produce and direct an adaptation of the late 60's British t.v. series The Champions for UA.

Guillermo del Toro is getting worse than Martin Scorsese. He's got another potential project on his schedule. Reuters say del Toro will write, produce and direct an adaptation of the late 60's British t.v. series TheChampions for United Artists.


The series, which ran for 30 episodes in 1968-69, revolved around the adventures of a trio of secret government agents whose lives were saved when their plane crashed in the Himalayas and they were rescued by an advanced civilization. The civilization also bestowed them with superhuman abilities.
I've never heard of it and I don't know how many of these old British shows are actually left for them to resurrect but as always it's del Toro, so I'm interested. Though I would expect his version of this to look very different from the show that is depicted by these opening credits...

Champions came from the makers of such successful British shows like The Prisoner and The Saint and if del Toro does indeed make the film, it will be a completely new direction for the talented Mexican helmer.

The other projects on his slate are all projects that we would expect him to make... At the Mountains of Madness, Tarzan, 3993, Hellboy 3 and Deadman but although this does have elements of sci-fi... it has a little more reality and is more of a standard genre fare.

Until I hear differently, I believe del Toro's next picture is At the Mountains of Madness and is expected to be pre-strike, but ya just never know with del Toro. Maybe this will be next.

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