Guillermo Del Toro reveals his next project?

Speculation mounts that it will be an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' 19th century adventure novel The Count of Monte Cristo!

In what could only be described as an ambush interview by Collider and friends, Guillermo del Toro spoke at length (the interview is 23 mins long!) on his future projects, sadly revealing that his adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's classic and disturbing horror At the Mountains of Madness still can't get financing and looks years away from fruition right now;

"I would love to be doing 'Mountains Of Madness,' but still, even now, it's very difficult for the studios to take the step of an R-rated, tentpole movie, with a tough ending, no love story....,"
Del Toro also mentioned that Doug Jones will be screen-tested as Frankenstein in the coming weeks at Universal, for the movie he hopes to shoot in May. Sculpts, costumes, all done - he just needs to finish the screenplay and the get the go-ahead from Universal. Del Toro claims the failure of The Wolf Man hasn't soured the studio's interest in making the film. BUT - his next project, expected to be announced at Comic Con will be something he tried to make 15 years ago and has come back around to him, a big 'world creation' project. Collider have since speculated that it'll be his take on Alexandre Dumas' classic novel The Mount of Monte Cristo which he tried to make in the 90's. This makes perfect sense as now is the time to get funding on it in a post-Sherlock Holmes world, and when studio's are battling it out over The Three Musketeers.
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