Guillermo Del Toro Talks Justice League Dark Movie

jld Guillermo del Toro was at Wondercon 2013 in Anaheim, California yesterday promoting his upcoming summer movie Pacific Rim at the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel. During the Q&A, a fan asked him for any news on the proposed Justice League Dark movie and Del Toro obliged, confirming the movie was still going ahead and provided some details on the plot.
" is basically trying to recruit these guys," del Toro told the audience. "On Etrigan, I'm using Jason Blood in the time of Merlin. We find out at the top that they each have a mystery to solve. Swamp Thing is at peace with who he is, but Deadman needs to figure out who shot him. It's all woven in. Growing up, my two favorite characters were Etrigan and Swamp Thing, so I'm in heaven."
Del Toro assured fans that the film, tentatively titled Dark Universe, will feature a blonde Constantine, a reference to the disappointing 2005 Constantine movie which featured the dark-haired Keanu Reeves. He says he€™s written a bible for the film and is presently courting a major writer to work on the script with him. The film€™s character roster so far includes: Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Zatara, Deadman, the Spectre, and Jason Blood/Etrigan. Justice League Dark are a supernatural team of heroes who fight ghostly terrors and magical horrors, many of whom have been recently introduced into the DC Universe recently from sister-imprint Vertigo where they have been established for many years. Despite this good news for fans of these characters, it looks like it€™ll be a while before the picture gets made as Del Toro plans to shoot Crimson Peak next, a haunted house movie set in the early 1900s rumoured to star Emma Stone as the lead with Charlie Hunnam co-starring. Pacific Rim is scheduled for release on 12 July.
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